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Sweet and Salty

Just for being a tall person (2m)(yea that's considered incredibly tall in Jordan) its an advantage and a must that a person of my height play basketball, thus I've grown to like this game. The other day, there was a game between Jordan and Syria, so I go and watch the game with some of my teammates.

It starts of great a basket here and there. To avoid 'traffic' at the cafeteria I get up just before halftime to buy me a snack. I buy a can of Rani juice and a bag of popcorn, and naturally I start filling my popcorn with salt, just as soon as I'm about to head back to my seat the dude behind the counter shouts at me "Are you crazy, that's not salt it's sugar!!" standing there dumbfounded, I turn around to notice everyone in line has cracked up at me, I do my share of laughing, add a ton of salt and leave (really pissed of from inside). The salt had no effect at all, I was literally eating sweet popcorn with a touch of saltiness. And what makes it worse is that everyone I offer popcorn to eats it and stares at me thinking that I'm a crazy dude who favors sweet popcorn... I really should start paying attention to what I do. sweet popcorn!

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  1. # Anonymous Roba

    LOL. Loser.  

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