The Ultimate Combination

What a day... what a day... Adrenaline has been rushing through my body for the past 12 hours...

Orthodoxi won over Fastlink, who are by the way last years champions, and it was a great game, they got the lead in the final minute...

Colts won over the Patriots to make it to the Superbowl for the first time with Peyton Manning... who ever said that Manning wouldn't make it to the Superbowl and as the commentator put it 'you have witnessed one of the greatest comebacks in NFL history'...

And finally Phoenix won its 13 straight game!!!

I love sports.....

Raining upwards

Out of now where, it started pouring rain... Now don't get me wrong, I love the rain… but that was too sudden. Now I go out of practice and it's still raining, even harder than before...

I just figured out that I love driving in the rain, it's amazing how you walk around and puddles of water shoots up in the air onto other cars and the streams of water that come rushing down towards you...

Ok I don't know if you noticed this or not but this is the first time I drive in such heavy rain, so I really enjoyed it...

Finally it started to rain in Jordan, it's been almost a years since it last rained heavily. It did rain before through out this year but it wasn't heavy... I think this country depends largely on rain, we don't have water to start with, and they rely on water rain to fill up their containers.

Let's hope it keeps on raining, for one I'll keep having fun driving and it better economically

Oh yeah, if any one feels like having fun while driving :P, here are some safety tips for driving in the rain:

Hal 3eyoun

You know what… I just realized that i like Kaliji (gulf) music... A song just played on TV and I was singing with it (Ok more like hum), I was like.... when did I start liking that song

So I'm adding kaliji music to my list of music genre that I like...
Ok to think about it, I have a weird list, Metal, Rap, R&B, Rock, Alternative, Heavy metal and Kaliji...

Nice mix huh

Once it is lost...

It's funny how you don't realize the value of something until you have lost it...

Looking down

I just came across this picture, and i love it... its amazing.. really simple and to the point

Us 'tall people' look down on you 'short people' and you short people should look up at us as role models... :P

See we are the ones who break our necks looking down at short people... so their is more effort on our side :D

And the best thing is what made me search this image was a group that is titled: "I ain't tall, you just think im tall cause you short"

Damn i love being tall....

Paint Prevails over Photoshop

Thanks to Acid fog's photoshopped images
'', I have been 'inspired' to post my first and only photoshopped image, the only one I have ever done... This was done almost a year ago and took me ages... It's just joining two layers together... Not hard huh? guess again

petra 014'

I'm proud of it :p

Mankind's Crushing

OK, there is no asteroid in collision coarse with earth or anything, that's another story. I recently noticed that mankind, particularly men, have this urge to simply crush things… It's like when you're driving in your car and you see a Pepsi can on the street; you deliberately ride over it, just because you want to feel the pleasure of crushing it, and you even look at the rear view mirror to see if your attempt was a success .Or when you are walking and see a smoke packet on the floor, you step on it.

When people build a LEGO set, in the end they crush it to the floor, not disassemble it piece by piece, but literally break it down. Kids always have a habit of following ants and stepping on them or crushing them with there fingers. Yeah how do you think they got the phrase 'wont hurt a fly' its because people pick on smaller things and those who don't, made a statement created for them. Exactly the same reason bullies bully on smaller targets... because they can.

This is why wrestling became so popular, because violence runs in our blood. Men love seeing people get their ass kicked, that's even why men stand around people fighting and start cheering.

It's not only men even women sometimes… but I can't think of ways when women do appreciate violence, other than when my sister goes crazy and hitting start running after me.

You tell me...

Higher Learning my ***

I was just studying past papers for my physics exam and I came across a question that goes as follows:
"...calculate the circumference of the triangle shown in the picture below..."

I was like.... what!!!

Now I, as well as any 4th grader now that a circumference in specifically for circles and parameter is for other objects... Now why would a professor in university not know that and to add to that he laced that in a exam for students to answer, a student might just as well draw a circle and calculate the circumference of that circle (trust me that's not what the wanted to do because i have the answer sheet).
So a student who is not well informed in english could easy take this for granted and start applying it in his day to day career.


"DO NOT put any person in this washer"
"Never use a lit match or open flame to check fuel level."
"Don’t try to dry your phone in a microwave oven."

These are the top 3 winning entries in a contest done by Wacky Warning Label Contest run by an anti-lawsuit group in the United States. Some of the labels are just hilarious.

>> For external use only - on a set of curling tongs.
(What kind of dumbass would use this internally?)

>> Caution: Do not spray in eyes - on a container of deodorant.
(I think people figured that out from perfume)

>> Do not use orally - on a toilet cleaning brush.
(Probably because you shove it down a toilet)

>> Caution: Remove infant before folding for storage - on a pushchair.
(They wouldn't like that, now would they)

>> Do not iron clothes on body - on an iron.
(Go buy an ironing table)

>> Wearing of this garment does not enable you to fly - on a Superman costume.
(Try if you can of the fifth floor)

>> Product will be hot after heating - on a supermarket-bought dessert box.
(Next time don’t ask for it to be heated)

>> Do not attempt to stop the blade with your hand - in the manual for a chainsaw.
(Might loose a finger or two)

>> Warning: May contain nuts - on a packet of peanuts.

>> Do not use orally after using rectally - on a thermometer
(Wouldn’t do that if I where you)

I think, companies have thought of every possible way in order to avoid a lawsuit by some idiot.

Read the article by 7DAYS NEWS

Thanks Sami

I am a fan

Picture from Arenas's Profile

I know a lot of people don't follow the NBA, but I just had to write about Gilbert Arenas playing in the Washington Wizards. This guy is great, and in my opinion, although people acknowledge him but he is still highly an under-rated player.

Arenas is the perfect example for the 'no pain no gain’ statement, this dude works really hard, and it sure has paid off. His father (who was his coach at high school) was tough on him and told him "You suck. You’re not good enough for this team! You can sit over there and be my assistant coach”, he was a second round draft pick and had no one support him. He plays with the number 0, which reminds him of the number of people that believed in him. He practiced and became one of the best players in the NBA, and almost made the US team for the world cup but was cut because he had some kind of injury because of excess practice. After getting cut, he went back into the gym and spent most of the summer there, developing his game.

What I like about this guy is that he is down to earth, when he made the All-Star team last year, he started jumping up and down, and last month when he won player of the month, he was so happy that he through a party. He said that he’s not going to hide it like other players do, he wanted it so bad and he expressed his joy after winning.

He actually looks up to other players in the NBA who are better than him. Not players like Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson, but recent players like Kobe Bryant and Lebron James.
“I give him all the respect in the world. He is the No. 1 player in the league,
by far. It’s like that”….. “I’m a big fan, I’m one of his No. 1 fans, so there’s no
point in even throwing shots at him.”
That’s him talking about Kobe Bryant.

He is finally playing in a way to get noticed, he dropped 60 against the Lakers last month and shot a game winning buzzer beater the other day to win Milwaukee. Not to forget being one of the league leaders in scoring.

I think this is more than enough about him… he even has a blog if any one is interested

Weather drama

Photo by Al ghad newspaper

I noticed recently that weather really affects the activity of people living in Jordan. For example, when it starts to rain slightly, everyone starts to rumor about it, oh it’s going to rain heavily soon, or why did the winter have to start this week. Its like they have no clue if this is going to stay as a few drops of rain or pour down they just assume. And that’s not wrong, ya3ni every one assumes that as long as it started to rain it’s going to keep raining. But what irritates me that most is when it does start to rain heavily, the whole country goes in slow motion, they start going 15 minutes earlier because they don’t want to speed and because they know there is going to be heavy traffic. And the problem is that you can’t speed in Jordan as the roads don’t allow to speed and traffic builds up because everyone thinks the same thing and starts to move slower than usual. Being cautious is one thing but freaking out from some raindrops is another, the car wont slide of except if you take one hell if a turn.

However when it starts to snow, that’s another story. The whole country is put on hold. The snow doesn’t even reach an inch and people stop going outside and stay in their houses, school and work are off, everything shuts down. Outside sometimes it snows all day and that doesn’t even delay classes, they get accustomed to it. Here they make a huge fuss, start playing videos of people playing with the snow and play ‘talj talj 3am bitshati il dina talj’ (snow snow the world is raining snow) for god knows who. I do get joyful when it snows but after an hour or two, its just gets annoying.

That’s just how I feel…. How about you