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I know a lot of people don't follow the NBA, but I just had to write about Gilbert Arenas playing in the Washington Wizards. This guy is great, and in my opinion, although people acknowledge him but he is still highly an under-rated player.

Arenas is the perfect example for the 'no pain no gain’ statement, this dude works really hard, and it sure has paid off. His father (who was his coach at high school) was tough on him and told him "You suck. You’re not good enough for this team! You can sit over there and be my assistant coach”, he was a second round draft pick and had no one support him. He plays with the number 0, which reminds him of the number of people that believed in him. He practiced and became one of the best players in the NBA, and almost made the US team for the world cup but was cut because he had some kind of injury because of excess practice. After getting cut, he went back into the gym and spent most of the summer there, developing his game.

What I like about this guy is that he is down to earth, when he made the All-Star team last year, he started jumping up and down, and last month when he won player of the month, he was so happy that he through a party. He said that he’s not going to hide it like other players do, he wanted it so bad and he expressed his joy after winning.

He actually looks up to other players in the NBA who are better than him. Not players like Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson, but recent players like Kobe Bryant and Lebron James.
“I give him all the respect in the world. He is the No. 1 player in the league,
by far. It’s like that”….. “I’m a big fan, I’m one of his No. 1 fans, so there’s no
point in even throwing shots at him.”
That’s him talking about Kobe Bryant.

He is finally playing in a way to get noticed, he dropped 60 against the Lakers last month and shot a game winning buzzer beater the other day to win Milwaukee. Not to forget being one of the league leaders in scoring.

I think this is more than enough about him… he even has a blog if any one is interested http://www.nba.com/blog/gilbert_arenas.html

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    1.check out his birthday party website: www.arenasexpress.com (slow loading but the comedy is worth it).
    2. Kobe acted like a jerk after the game and did not acknowledge Arenas' feat!! (My point: Kobe is a jerk).
    3. [line 6] first word (tough).
    [sorry to be busting your balls overa typo]  

  2. # Blogger omery15

    Sorry dude couldn't find any comedy only directions and information.

    Kobe scored 81 points last season, and had 50+ points on numerous occasions, I don't think dropping 60 points is something big, and don't forget, he just lost the game, he wont be happy for Arenas.

    Finally, the typo. Its cool, it's because I'm used to typing in slang, so that's the quicker way of typing it. I can't believe you where able to spot that. Thanks anyway, ill fix it  

  3. # Blogger Nizar

    loool, same here couldn't find anything comedy, mostly information and directions..

    Man, i really like basketball, its an awesome game, but i never got a chance to watch the NBA nor see how the professionals play it..

    maybe its because our sports channels (Eurosports and Viasat sports) do not broadcast the NBA nor its events as much as the other sports..  

  4. # Anonymous MohannadT

    Brilliant article.To be quite honest arenas is an all around good player and from what I read here Gilbert is quite the athlete determination,he's motivated to do what is necessary to make him happy and to win.But I was introduced to basketball and the NBA 4 years ago by Lebron James the guy is unbelievable.  

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