That Feeling...

Did you ever have that feeling were you think that you believe you can fly or do what ever you want to... No I'm not talking about getting high, I'm talking about one that involves your senses. Perhaps the feeling you get when aroma of something you adore, or the touch of a fabric that you love, maybe the view of a seen that takes your breath away, or the taste of something that you enjoy, even the sound of calm relaxing music. The feeling that makes you relax and hyper at the same time, were you want to sleep and stay up. The one that as soon as you feel it you don’t want to let go, but still want to so that you can feel I again. Ever had that feeling?

Well no kidding, one of the things that gives me that feeling is the taste of Hot Chocolate when you’re cold…. Cant get enough, just makes me want to stand up and run around myself. Ah what a feeling…..

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    a strong piano melody with a great voice gives me that feeling, something unfaithful by rihanna or all over my head for the fray. fur Elise too  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    something like* unfaithful for rihanna  

  3. # Blogger omery15

    Yea I love Rihanna's unfaithful, its a favorite... I'll have to check out all over my head, you got good taste  

  4. # Blogger acidFOG

    u might notice that i posted alot of stuff on ur blog, but that's what i do when i stay up late, i surf the web checking blogs, and ur blog seems interesting, anyways, ur such a romantic fool (sorry for the fool dude it just FITS) anyways, the thing that makes me feel this way is listening to evanescence, 3 doors down, nickelback, within temptation... BLA BLA BLA BLA yeah alternative rock, and goth rock!!! anyways nice post, and sorry again for the fool thing!! keep blogging!!  

  5. # Blogger omery15

    Actually the fool fits perfectly, but i think 'dumbass' would fit better, its just gives a heavier meaning.

    Keep on posting, its cool, but goth rock... i dont think so (i like the exact same type of music, except the last one)  

  6. # Blogger acidFOG

    it, actually, depends on the singer, some goth metal sux, but the others.... damn man!!!  

  7. # Blogger omery15

    It always depends on the singer, ya3ni check out the Nothing Else Matters that was done by Lucie Silvas... it was nothing compared to the one that Metallica did

    And to each person his each choice of music, personally i dislike MosT techno cause it gives me a headache, but still manage with some  

  8. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Hi, I tumbled onto yoru blog while searching for Lucis Silvas. You should check out her What You're Made Of. That's really beautiful.
    I like your sunset (sunrise?) picture. That kind of situation would really do well with some Dead Can Dance. Lisa Gerrard's voice is so soulful. Go and download Sanvean as a good intorduction to her music. The music video is also on YouTube.  

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