Fool me once shame on you, fool me this many times... Im screwed

This same scenario keeps happening to me over and over again. I wake up; take a look at the sky to find it sunny without a single cloud in the sky. I say to my self before I go to uni, ah a sunny day, so by the time its noon, it’ll be freakin hot. Thus I decide not to wear a jacket as I leave the house. I notice that the weather is extremely cold, but still I assume it’s going to be hot by noon. So I shake of the coolness and get in the car. Big mistake, to my surprise at noon the weather is still cold and I’m freezing my ass off. I start searching for a sunny spot to stand in, but I don’t find any cause JU is filled with tall ass trees and they keep blocking the sun away.

The next day, I notice it’s sunny again. Therefore I go like, haha I'm not getting fooled again so I take a jacket. And by noontime it’s so hot with the jacket on, but the jacket is too heavy or annoying to carry; so I keep it on. Seriously there is no good solution for such a weather, and most likely you’ll end up sick.

Now I am noticing the effects of global warming, ya3ni we’re in December and still you cant spot a single cloud in the sky, last year it was showering rain and people were all in their homes trying to warm their hands. Seriously it’s getting worse by the year.

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