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To tell you the truth, I am a big ass chocoholic. I go around eating 6-8 packs of chocolate per day, doesn’t mater what kind as long as it is chocolate. One of my favorite chocolate brands is galaxy. When you have a bite of galaxy you feel as if you taste the pure taste of chocolate, cause other brands have peanuts or butter or any kind of add on. Whereas galaxy, the only have chocolate, some times with those rise crispy or caramel but they emphasize more on the chocolate part.

Today while eating my daily dose of chocolate I read something off the bag that made the taste of the Minstrels better:


“Surrender to smooth and creamy GALAXY® milk chocolate captured in crispy shells”

In my opinion the new design of galaxy after re-branding is much better than the old boring design. It makes it more chocolaty...

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  1. # Anonymous gus

    galaxy is amazing .. nice blog man.. its entertaining!!! mom and dad love ur blog btw .. keep it up man watever u do dont get bored and crap  

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