Java U's Game

Since tomorrow is the big game, the Champions League final that is, between FC Barcelona and Manchester United, I thought it's about time I share my experience with Java U during the semi-final match between FC Barcelona and their rival Real Madrid.

Like most of the people in Amman, or the world, I went out to watch this match with a couple of friends. Every place we went to kept sending us off as the number of people there was insane and they had no places left. We kept going from place to place till we landed at Java U Abdoun. Now even from first glance you can tell that this place was running at full capacity but we decided that we might as well check it out since we're already there. One of the employees was standing at the door and greeted us in, well it wasn't so much of a greeting as much as it was a "come on inside we got space". So we inquire at the door that if there really is space in the cafe since it looked packed. He confirms that there are seats and tells us that there is a minimum charge of 10 Jds as he directed us towards the cashier.

Now apparently what these guys are doing is that they let people go inside, order from an already crowded cashier with a minimum of 10 Jds and then to there surprise, find out that there in fact are no seats for them to sit in and end up standing up or leaving.

Now we kinda figured that there aren't any seats for us and got out of there, but the number of people standing at the cashier, hoping to order and find a seat, was astonishing. There was no way for the shop to accommodate that many people and find them seats to sit in. So my advice for fans who feel like watching the game tomorrow with a crowd is to skip the option of Java U and find some other place to cheer away.