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Sky High Hugs

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Well, this whole post is just to emphasis on the second image; the mismatched heights one. It's so accurate it's scary, cause it's a very awkward position to be in. I'm more of a hugging person and I constantly feel like a parent giving their child a hug whenever I hug anyone, and I'm pretty sure they feel the same way. So here is my second entry in "The mind of the tall".

The Mind of the Tall:
On a High Note

The Types of Men You Find at a Wedding.

The recent outburst of weddings and anniversaries during the past month has inspired to be write a post about one of the phenomenons present in each and every wedding. This post tackles the type of male attendees that are usually present at such events (these also apply to females but with small variations). I always try and be on the look out when I'm at weddings trying to categorize people and this here is what I have concluded.

1. The Glancer. This is the most common type of men. This guy basically just sits at the table he was appointed to and is in no way involved in the dancing. The closest thing he has to participating is the fact that he glances over his shoulder ever so minutes and looks at the dance floor for a short time. In now way should you expect this person to get up and join the dancing.
Where to find this person: Usually this person is found on his aforementioned table but don't get fooled, he might easily have moved to a table with more glancers for socializing purposes.

2. The One with the Munchies. This guy is the one here not for the wedding but the dinner buffet at the break. He will sit around at the table, scanning the dance floor or maybe even socializing with others until the moment that the buffet is announced. He is usually the first at the buffet as he makes sure to check up on it at time intervals or even ask one of the waiters to let him be the first to know when food time is announced. After dinner this person will greet the lovely couple and head else where.
Where to find this person: At various spots before dinner, first at the buffet at dinner and no where to be found after dinner.

3. The Socializer. This person is in no way here at the wedding to dance. He dislikes dancing and loud music and would stay as far away from the dance floor as possible. This guy is here purely to socialize and hangout. He will advance from one table to the next talking and gossiping with the folks at the table, usually the Glancers and other Socializers.
Where to find this person: This person is probably the hardest to locate as he is in constant motion and a search party is required to find him.

4. The Dancer. This person spends the whole night at the dance floor. He doesn't necessarily need to be a good dancer, good stamina is the mere requirement. He doesn't care whether he's dancing with male or female friends as long as he is hoping around the place. The only time this guy sits down is at dinner time and he's usually the first to finish and re-join the dance floor.
Where to find this person: Where else, the small wooden dance floor at the center of the hall.

5. The Clapper. This guy right here actually tries to participate in the whole ceremony but doesn't really know or want to dance. He will basically stand at the edge of the dance floor and just clap with the rhythm and acts as support to the "Dancers". Usually, a group of Clappers will encircle the dance floor acting as both a crowd for the dancers and as a barrier between the dancers and other guests not involved with the dancing.
Where to find this person: At and around the dance floor and at their tables for a small time to recover some stamina.

6. The Judge. This guy is basically all over the place, and his one target is to judge every single thing at the event. From the DJ, to the dresses and even the food, nothing escapes his judgment. He usually delivers an instant verdict to the ones around him without care or courtesy.
Where to find this person: This person can not be found at a single place per say. They might be at the table, the dance floor or even the toilets. Keep and eye out for them.

Honorable mentions:
The I need a wife/gf. This one can be a mixture of any of the previously mentioned categories but with an addition of scouting for someone to be with.
The Brother. This is usually the brother of the groom or bride and is usually very busy and handles everything behind the scenes.
The Old people / Children These are just around out of general courtesy for the bride and groom.

Sorry about the quality and noise in the images, just didn't know half the people in these images and it didn't feel right to put these pictures. These pictures don't indicate anything about the people in them, they are just there to help visualize the categories described

The Look

Probably my favorite clip of all time. Can never get sick of watching it.

"The most potent weapon in a woman's arsenal."

Ladies and gentlemen, the oh so famous "look":