Graffiti at its Best

Never really been one for street graffiti, I kinda saw it as a type of vandalism but there is no denying Banksy is as good as they get. During the past couple of years, I've grown more inclined to appreciate his art bit by bit. Not only are his pieces humorous and a joy for they eye, but they also creatively tackle an array of social and political issues happening in the world today.

However, I do find it difficult to credit all the painting found for a single unknown person, as anyone could have gone up and drawn these without credit to remain under anonymity, especially with them appearing all over the place. Regardless, they all fall under the same brilliant umbrella of "Banksy". Here are some of my favorite pieces:

You can find more pictures at the Bansky website here.

Also don't forget to watch the Banksy Simpsons intro:

2 Responses to “Graffiti at its Best”

  1. # Anonymous Roba

    Wow, so cool! Very nice :) I really like grafitti.  

  2. # Anonymous Yousif Jawhar

    You should watch the movie "Exit through the gift shop". One hell of a movie..  

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