Toilet Humor

I am really amused with what happens in the couple of minutes when someone enters and exits a public bathroom. It starts off with the person ahead of you exiting the bathroom, a quick exchange of looks occurs and you study the guy. Yes, in these split seconds you turn into this Freudian philosopher and  memorize everything about this person, how he looks like, what he was wearing, whether he broke the eye contact by looking at the floor or ahead of him, I mean everything. And then you somehow make a small judgment about this person. Now that whole studying occurs for one reason, and one reason only; to blame him if you go in after him and you find that the place looks like someone died there.

Now if you go in to the toilet and find that the place was clean and as good as new, you instantly erase everything you just saved about this person as if it never happened, because let's get real, you expect a clean toilet and he just kept it up to par. But if you go in and find a mess, you spend every agonizing second just swearing at the guy, blast out at how he left it in that state. As you maneuver around the toilet trying your best not to touch anything, he instantly becomes the villain, your archenemy, everything you hate. You finally leave the bathroom to find that someone else is waiting for you to finish. You exit quietly still cursing the stars and as you finally make your way out it hits you; you're the villain for this guy who just entered in after you! You feel like turning around and explaining to the guy that it wasn't you and want to detail the real culprit, but to no avail. You are this persons culprit. Some people do actually go ahead and try to let the person behind them know it wasn't them by saying something like "Woah, I wouldn't go there if I were you, someone made a complete mess". But lets get real, it never does work now does it.

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  1. # Anonymous Rula

    Once l was in the same situation and this mad maid how came with an attitude  

  2. # Blogger Dino$

    hahahah so manh flashbacks lol well once i had to go the bathroom in the plane. so i go and it was a DISASTER i went in and pretty much suffocated in that little toilet! I didnt see the guy/ girl who was in there before me. but as soon as i left there was the flight attendant next to the door and was not even going int but when i opened the door there was a lovely WHIFFFFF or BREEZE ree7too #eeZ and as i walked away i heard the flight attendant say out loud

    :TAYEB FLUSHHHHHHHHHH !! i didnt go back to say walak mush anaa ya 7maaar! ana ma 3amalt No2 ! but i just could feel lots of ppl staring burning holes in the back of my head!

    So i pretty much was the victom of someone who had major bowel reactions and had for sure had foul or maftool or beans or all those together :S

    sorry for sharing this smelly story.. lol  

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