The sports lie that everyone believes

Everyone keeps saying that you should get involved in some kind of sporting activity, might be good for the brain, it stimulates your nerves, increases your blood flow and decreases your fat... I've heard each and every one of those reasons and even some are true and some even a 9 year old can tell are not. But what irritates me most is when someone says its really healthy… I feel like standing up and shouting in there face; “its not all that healthy”. Maybe in short run, but when its a profession, I don't think so.

I play basketball so I could only comment on that, playing basketball in the long term is really bad for the body, I know a lot of people of my age and older, who had serious injuries due to playing basketball. By the time you end your carrier, your knees are screwed up, ankles barely move and probably have one hell of a backache. Some player who are my age already have messed up knees, ankle, or backs. In my opinion, excess play of basketball also degenerates the muscles, they’ve just been used for so long.

After every single game, whether friendly or official; you end up having your ankles or knees killing you, and your not even injured or haven’t done a whole load of work. Of coarse this after a whole lot of stretching.

Further more, when a player gets injured, its more likely a long term injury. Especially when your in Jordan, cause when you get injured they let you rest for a while and then push you back in, before your even fully heeled. I could say that 6 out of 12 of the players on my team are injured with long term injuries that haven’t healed yet.

I heard that soccer players like basketball, also suffer from bad knees and ankles. Golf player suffer from bad waists and shoulders, and so do tennis players. These are the only other sports that I know of.

This is my opinion, what do you think?

Neo pong

I know almost every one has seen this video, but I cant resist but posting it... it's so creative and well done.... so MATRIXY

You always see these ping pong dudes play on tv and you think they are crazy becasue you can barely see the ball and they can consentrate so well as to hit it back... this might explain some of them :P

AI a nugget

Allen Iverson of the 76ers has been traded to the denver nugget.

more on this later... i got to sleep

2006 tag

Tagged by Roba to list the things "you did for the first time in 2006″

Long list but here are a few that would remain in my mind:

  • Graduate from school, and received a high school diploma
  • Joined the Orthodoxi club basketball team.
  • Go to Egypt, more specifically Sharm Il Sheik
  • Go to Lebanon
  • Get arrested; for driving without a license
  • Get a license
  • Enroll in University
  • Start my blog
  • Sang karaoke
Tagging anyone who comments on this post

Adventures at registration

Today was my first registration in JU on computers. Luckily my brother came along, and he helped me with finding subjects and class numbers. Everything was going well, I found all the subjects that I wanted, except for one which was a long shot. As the clock ticked 9:00 my registration officially started, I started filling out the subject numbers, and then suddenly the computer freezes and a pop up starts flashing telling me that my account has been frozen and that I should check the admissions office.

We call the technician and tell him that I had no debts ion university because it's the first semester and they won't enroll me if I had any. So he tells me to check with registration. I go there and the immediately tell me to go to admissions at 'Insaniah'. Just so you know, Insaniah is at the other end of university and a trip there would take you a minimum of 20 minutes, and that’s when you walk fast. So we walk as fast as we can to the admissions office. We go in and they start shifting us from window to window until the last one tells us that we have to go to the head of admissions. We hurry there and then it takes him 5 freakin minutes to type in my number and then he just opens my profile, clicks on a button and lets me know that I can go register now.

I take a look at the time and its 9:20 and my registration, which is currently on the other side of campus, ends in 10 min. My brother realizes the dilemma and tells me to start running for it, because if I miss out on this time ill have to get rescheduled and the subjects might close by then. I take his advice and I start literally running as fast as I can towards the pc center. Running between people, jumping over stuff anything, just to get there in time, and the whole way I'm thinking that I have a game today I shouldn’t be running. I reach the center at 9:25, go upstairs push the door open, insert my number incorrectly 2 or 3 times because I am in a hurry, go to the registering screen, type everything in and save it just in time. I turn around and I see my brother slamming the door open, his breathing rate is off the charts and he was actually ran after me. He has not run in 2 years and tells me that never again will he run that much again.

What a day, they blocked me for no reason, just did it. And I almost missed out on my classes because of that. Thank god it worked…

Saudi Arabia on Jordan's tracks

I don’t know if this is true or not, but I just heard that Saudi Arabia is going to follow Jordan's footsteps and change their weekends to Fridays and Saturdays instead of Thursdays and Fridays at the start of 2007… Now that wasn't a reliable source but it would be great. For one, the nice TV programs that are scheduled on Saudi Arabian weekends will switch to ones that are the same as ours. Another thing is when you travel between countries you wont have that complicated weekend feeling.

And oh yea, that bank thingy where they can make worldwide money transactions 4 days a week instead of the 3 they currently have.

Cant think of any thing else....

Meteor shower

On Wednesday night, I read on Yahoo that their was a meteor shower later that night, you can spot up to I think 60 shooting stars per hour. So I read that and was disappointed, "ah here goes another phenomenon that I missed". Later on I read that their will also be another one on Thursday night, but still say that it would probably only be visible in the States.

However, you should see the look at my face when my young bother says that he just saw a falling star at about midnight. I instantly stare up at the sky, hoping to spot one and there it was another shooting star. I go home make most of my family standing outside and we all start staring up at the sky.

The funny thing was, that everyone who passed by thought that we are this crazy bunch of people and kept asking us what we were looking at and then they start watching the sky as well to spot one or two… After almost 30 min of looking upwards and breaking your neck; I've seen about 8, including one large one, and guess what it was worth it.

The story of a millionare

They always keep telling us that you got to work hard to earn money. Well i guess there is another way, just accept money from a stranger who sent it by email and vwala... Your a millionare.

"Dearest in the Lord Baker,

My name is Mrs Roes Ebigbo nationality of Kuwait. I am married tolate. Mr James Ebigbo who worked with Kuwait embassy in IvoryCoast for nine years before he died in the year Octorber 2004. We were married for twenty years with a child. He died after a the illness
that lasted for long four days. Before his death we were both bornagain Christians. When my late husband was alive we deposited the sum of $10 Million(ten Million U.S. Dollars) with one of good banks here in Cote d'Ivoire,Presently, this money is still with the bank. Recently my Doctortold me that I would not last for the next three months due to my cancer problem. Though what disturbs me most is my stroke,

Having known my condition I decided to donate this fund to church or better still a Christian individual that will utilize this moneythe way I am going to instruct here in, I want a person or church that will use this fund to churches, orphanages, research centres and widows propagating the word of Godand to ensure that the house of God is maintained. The Bible made us to understand that blessed is the hand that giveth. I took this decision because I have a child that will inherit this money but my son can not carry out this work only because i and my late husband decide to use some of the money to work for God and live some for our son johnsen to have a better live,

our son is just 19 yearold now and been grow up in africa, he have low mentality and my husband´s relatives are not Christians and I don´t want my family hard earned money to be misused by unbelievers. I don´t want a situation where this money will be used in an ungodly manner. Hence the reason for taking this bold decision,I am not afraid of death hence I know where I am going to. I know that I am going to be in the bosom of the Lord. Exodus 14 VS 14says that the lord will fight my case and I shall hold my peace. I want your telephone communication in this regard because of my health because of the presence of my family relatives around me always , I don't want any of my husband family relatives to recieve this money. With God all things are possible.

As soon as I receive your reply I shall give you the contact of the Finance/bank. I will also issue you a letter of authority that will empower you as the new beneficiary of this fund. I want you and the church to always pray for me because the lord is my shepherd. My
happiness is that I live a life of a worthy Christian.Whoever that wants to serve the Lord must serve him in spirit and truth. Please always be prayerful all through your life. Any delay in your reply will give me room in sourcing for a church or Christian individual for this same purpose. Please assure me that you will act accordingly as I stated here.

Remain blessed in the name of the Lord.
Mrs Roes Ebigbo

Dont you just love when good luck just falls in your lap, its even better than finding 10 JD in your pocket. So $10 million, how should i spend them. A new car, maybe a new house... what do you thinks, the best answer will get 10% of this money .

That Feeling...

Did you ever have that feeling were you think that you believe you can fly or do what ever you want to... No I'm not talking about getting high, I'm talking about one that involves your senses. Perhaps the feeling you get when aroma of something you adore, or the touch of a fabric that you love, maybe the view of a seen that takes your breath away, or the taste of something that you enjoy, even the sound of calm relaxing music. The feeling that makes you relax and hyper at the same time, were you want to sleep and stay up. The one that as soon as you feel it you don’t want to let go, but still want to so that you can feel I again. Ever had that feeling?

Well no kidding, one of the things that gives me that feeling is the taste of Hot Chocolate when you’re cold…. Cant get enough, just makes me want to stand up and run around myself. Ah what a feeling…..

3amak ma7joob

I don’t know what to say about Emad Hajjaj, he is just astounding. I mean the way he delivers his message is brilliant, he uses funny comic characters (the typical Jordanian man) to distribute that message to his audience, and the viewers don’t despise him for any lame or harsh drawing or video that he does. He always delivers his idea at the right time in the correct medium. The message could be informative, caricaturized or just some day to day events that occur.

In my opinion he is one of Jordan’s treasures that should be looked after and appreciated.

What do you think of his work?

Tag on...

A tag is a tag, and when you get tagged, you just got to answer.

Tag rules: Grab the closest book to you, open page 123, scroll down to the 5th sentence, post the next 3 sentences on your blog, name the book and author, then tag 3 people.

"The look on Marjorie Tench's face was one of absolute shock. 'I'm stunned. did I hear correctly? As president, you would act to abolish this nation's space program?"

Deception Point, Dan Brown

By the way Roba, you just ruined part of the book... thanks :P

Still do not know others to tag.....

Top 10 Women Accidents

I recently received an email with the following attachment, i thought it was hilarious. Ya3ni come on some of these are just undo able.

Here are a few "stunts" that only women can preform... (not all)
P.S. the Golden winner really need a standing ovation IMO

10th place goes to:

9th place goes to:

8th place goes to:

th place goes to:

th place goes to:

th place goes to:

th place goes to:

The Bronze medal goes to

The Silver medal goes to:

The Gold medal goes to:

No offense to Women at all, even the email says "not all". I just thought this is hilarious, some are ridiculously funny. I would like to give some the benefit of the doubt, but lets get real, women in general suck in driving, ya3ni most of the time when you’re driving and someone suddenly cuts in front of you, it either a cab driver or a woman driving the car. Then when you beep your horn at her she starts shouting at you as if it was your mistake.

But to tell you the truth, if this was the Top 10 Men Accidents, it will be filled with destroyed cars and much worse cause of speeding. Therefore I'm not saying men are safer driver, on the contraire, but they are mores skilled ones.

Do not be discouraged... Calculus is harder


As I was flipping through my Calculus book , I came across this following phrase:

".... Thus, if you find our ensuing discussion of 'E-&' proofs challenging, do not become discouraged: the concepts and techniques are intrinsically difficult. In fact, precise understanding of limits evaded the finest mathematical minds for more than 150 years after the basic concepts of calculus were discovered."

It like telling you: don’t be discouraged, calculus has baffled ‘the finest mathematical minds’ we don’t expect you to understand it. It’s not like you having a hard time understanding the previous paragraph is a coincidence, no we don’t expect you to identify with it any way, because lets get real, you aren’t the brightest person in this crowd. Just read through the rest of this book and convince yourself that you understand it.

Discouraged!! for Gods sake understanding the previous statement "encouraged" me that I might actually understand the damn subject. This little note of yours really benefits students, just mess the dude up will you. I mean I'm pretty good in math in general, but when it comes to calculus, I just blank out, especially when they teach it in Arabic. What’s even more "discouraging" is that the book is named Calculus, not math, which means that for the next couple of years I'll face the same obstacles.

I guess I'm just not one of ‘the finest mathematical minds.’

JP Sanfoor

I just realized after reading 'So now I am officially a JP Citizen' by SimSim (how does it feel to be a sanfour once more?:P), that not only am I a Sanfoor at JU but also a Sanfoor in Jordan planet.... what else should I join while I'm at it?

Dabka 101

Here are the basic rules of Dabka that everyone should know:
  1. If by any chance a dabka starts, you MUST join the group
  2. The first person is the lead dabeek, he is usually the most skilled or at least thinks he is
  3. The last couple of people are usually the beginners who know nothing of dabka and just want to join the group. These types of dabeekeh should be kicked out or shot
  4. The is no one official type of dabka, each person knows a different kind, and the type of dabka is decided by the lead.
  5. Join hands with the person nearest to you and start imitating the moves of the person in the lead (usually identified as being the first person wiggling his hand and might be carrying a handkerchief)
  6. There is no need to follow the beat as long as you go with the flow
  7. If you cant keep up get lost, don't just start walking around in circles.
  8. If in any way you can't keep up or feel to tiered and you want to stay within the group, you can stand in the middle of the circle and wave your hand at the leading person (as illustrated in the video above)
  9. If you are watching the dabka and not part of it, you MUST start clapping vigorously, this identifies that you do not know how to 2udbok but you still would like to be part of it.
  10. The rate of the dabka will start to increase with every stomp. You should accelerate along side them and so does your clapping rate
  11. The dabka circle is some kind of sacred circle, under no circumstances can it be broken
  12. The dabka does not end until another non-dabkable song is played, or the whole group has lost the rhythm and there is no chance it'll be revived
WARNING: Dabka is similar to a fast train, there is no stopping it. If by any chance someone comes in front of the dabeekeh or falls in between he will get run over. Keep all children in sight and at least 2 meters away from the dabka motion as it is hazardous to the safety of your child.

NOTE: Constant sweating, lack of breath, heart attacks, headaches, road marks and getting hit by mistake are normal symptoms of dabka. Just ignore and keep moving unless symptom develops into a chronic stage. Then stop udboking and sit your ass down.

Fool me once shame on you, fool me this many times... Im screwed

This same scenario keeps happening to me over and over again. I wake up; take a look at the sky to find it sunny without a single cloud in the sky. I say to my self before I go to uni, ah a sunny day, so by the time its noon, it’ll be freakin hot. Thus I decide not to wear a jacket as I leave the house. I notice that the weather is extremely cold, but still I assume it’s going to be hot by noon. So I shake of the coolness and get in the car. Big mistake, to my surprise at noon the weather is still cold and I’m freezing my ass off. I start searching for a sunny spot to stand in, but I don’t find any cause JU is filled with tall ass trees and they keep blocking the sun away.

The next day, I notice it’s sunny again. Therefore I go like, haha I'm not getting fooled again so I take a jacket. And by noontime it’s so hot with the jacket on, but the jacket is too heavy or annoying to carry; so I keep it on. Seriously there is no good solution for such a weather, and most likely you’ll end up sick.

Now I am noticing the effects of global warming, ya3ni we’re in December and still you cant spot a single cloud in the sky, last year it was showering rain and people were all in their homes trying to warm their hands. Seriously it’s getting worse by the year.

December 10

December 10th is Human Rights Day, there is a Human Rights Day Writing contest for children 8 - 18 years old on Human Rights and Poverty.

Here's the deal:
"As you know, the United Nations celebrates the International Day for Human Rights on 10 December. This year’s theme is Human Rights and Poverty. To mark this day, a writing contest for children and youth between 8 and 18 years old is being organized throughout the world with entries in any of the six official UN languages. The entry, one page only (maximum 800 words) should be e-mailed to before 10 December 2006.
It would be greatly appreciated if you could widely disseminate the following information to your counterparts, schools, NGOs working with children and youth, public libraries to motivate children and youth to participate to this context and to suggest ways to fight poverty as a matter of obligation,
as a human right.

More than one in six people in the world live in poverty – that is, less than $1 per day. But poverty is not only about having no money. It is also about not having the materials and resources to fulfill a person’s basic needs – it is about human rights.

To enter the Human Rights and Poverty writing competition, participants should:
1) Be between the ages 8-18 years old
2) Send their entry by e-mail to with the subject header “Human Rights Day 2006”

The participants can choose one of the following two topics to write about:

1) Pick one article from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and use an example from real-life to illustrate how the violation of this rights is a consequence of living in poverty. Participants are encouraged to include any suggestions they may have on how poverty can be reduced so that this right is not violated;
2) .Pick one article from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and use an example from real-life to illustrate how the violation of this right can cause poverty. They can include any suggestions they may have on what can be done to protect this right so that it does not lead to poverty.

Entries should be one page only (maximum 800 word) and can be written in one of the six UN official languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish

Evaluation of entries:
Entries will be judged on: (1) writing style; (2) originality; (3) how well the participant answered the question listed above.

Three winning entries will be chosen from each of the following age group region:
1) Latin America and the Caribbean,
2) Arab States,
3) Asia and the Pacific,
4) North America,
5) Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States,
6) Africa

One winning entry will be chosen in each of the following age group region:
1) 8-12 years old
2) 13-15 years old
3) 16-18 years old

Each winner will receive a certificate of achievement signed by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Louise Arbour, together with a prize pack. All winning entries will be published on the UN Cyberschoolbus website.

Entries for the Human Rights and Poverty Writing Contest 2005 must be sent by e-mail, to with the header Human Rights Day 2006, not later than the International Human Rights Day, 10 December, with their full name, home address and date of birth.

For more information, please consult:

NB: Attached is the announcement for the writing contest in three languages (Arabic, English and French ) for easy dissemination.

Many thanks for your cooperation

Best regards"

So if any one is interested, try and apply. Maybe your young brother or sister can write it if you're older than the stated age.