The sports lie that everyone believes

Everyone keeps saying that you should get involved in some kind of sporting activity, might be good for the brain, it stimulates your nerves, increases your blood flow and decreases your fat... I've heard each and every one of those reasons and even some are true and some even a 9 year old can tell are not. But what irritates me most is when someone says its really healthy… I feel like standing up and shouting in there face; “its not all that healthy”. Maybe in short run, but when its a profession, I don't think so.

I play basketball so I could only comment on that, playing basketball in the long term is really bad for the body, I know a lot of people of my age and older, who had serious injuries due to playing basketball. By the time you end your carrier, your knees are screwed up, ankles barely move and probably have one hell of a backache. Some player who are my age already have messed up knees, ankle, or backs. In my opinion, excess play of basketball also degenerates the muscles, they’ve just been used for so long.

After every single game, whether friendly or official; you end up having your ankles or knees killing you, and your not even injured or haven’t done a whole load of work. Of coarse this after a whole lot of stretching.

Further more, when a player gets injured, its more likely a long term injury. Especially when your in Jordan, cause when you get injured they let you rest for a while and then push you back in, before your even fully heeled. I could say that 6 out of 12 of the players on my team are injured with long term injuries that haven’t healed yet.

I heard that soccer players like basketball, also suffer from bad knees and ankles. Golf player suffer from bad waists and shoulders, and so do tennis players. These are the only other sports that I know of.

This is my opinion, what do you think?

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  1. # Blogger Nizar Selander

    It's Kind of true in some way,

    I play boxing and skateboarding,
    They can be booth very dangerous in longterm and in short term as well :D

    But its up to you, if you think that its all worth the risks, then ''Just do it '' as Nike says..  

  2. # Blogger omery15

    Both boxing and skateboarding... damn man both are pretty dangerous. I play basketball, and have had a really bad knee injury, but still play... as you said it my call if it is worth the risk, but its been fine so far

    boxing must be really tough to stay away from injuries  

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