3amak ma7joob

I don’t know what to say about Emad Hajjaj, he is just astounding. I mean the way he delivers his message is brilliant, he uses funny comic characters (the typical Jordanian man) to distribute that message to his audience, and the viewers don’t despise him for any lame or harsh drawing or video that he does. He always delivers his idea at the right time in the correct medium. The message could be informative, caricaturized or just some day to day events that occur.

In my opinion he is one of Jordan’s treasures that should be looked after and appreciated.

What do you think of his work?

2 Responses to “3amak ma7joob”

  1. # Anonymous Nizar Selander

    Man, this is the first time i see one of abu mahjoobs episode, I think that he is very good at delivering his messages too :P

    do you know were can i see more abu mahjoob episodes?  

  2. # Anonymous omery15

    I wish i knew where i could find more of his videos, i bet there are episodes better than this one... but tuff luck

    let me know if you find any  

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