Top 10 Women Accidents

I recently received an email with the following attachment, i thought it was hilarious. Ya3ni come on some of these are just undo able.

Here are a few "stunts" that only women can preform... (not all)
P.S. the Golden winner really need a standing ovation IMO

10th place goes to:

9th place goes to:

8th place goes to:

th place goes to:

th place goes to:

th place goes to:

th place goes to:

The Bronze medal goes to

The Silver medal goes to:

The Gold medal goes to:

No offense to Women at all, even the email says "not all". I just thought this is hilarious, some are ridiculously funny. I would like to give some the benefit of the doubt, but lets get real, women in general suck in driving, ya3ni most of the time when you’re driving and someone suddenly cuts in front of you, it either a cab driver or a woman driving the car. Then when you beep your horn at her she starts shouting at you as if it was your mistake.

But to tell you the truth, if this was the Top 10 Men Accidents, it will be filled with destroyed cars and much worse cause of speeding. Therefore I'm not saying men are safer driver, on the contraire, but they are mores skilled ones.

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  1. # Blogger aya almusa


  2. # Anonymous kinzi

    Ya Tall Dude, I beg to differ! Men cut people off much more, at least when women do they wave to apologize.

    Hey, I have a question. Are you in a basketball league that played a team from Kosovo recently? How'd they do? I couldn't find any news on it.  

  3. # Blogger omery15

    aya, glad you enjoyed it

    Kinzi, men might cut of more often, but when women do it they do it by accident, they don't know that they cut you off they find out later and then apologize.

    The Jordan national team played kosovo in the King Abdullah Tournament, in the 3rd and 4th spot game. They did win, but this was almost a month ago, im not sure this is what you where talking about.  

  4. # Anonymous kinzi

    Good point...but intentionally cutting is kind of a power play, mish? A character issue, like 'my right to be in front is greater than yours to be alive'.

    Yes, yes, that's exactly what I was talking about, I was on a flight with those gargantuans Kosovians and wondered how they did.

    I look forward to reading more of the male 3Assi viewpoint here. Roba is a great lady. Blessings!  

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