Dabka 101

Here are the basic rules of Dabka that everyone should know:
  1. If by any chance a dabka starts, you MUST join the group
  2. The first person is the lead dabeek, he is usually the most skilled or at least thinks he is
  3. The last couple of people are usually the beginners who know nothing of dabka and just want to join the group. These types of dabeekeh should be kicked out or shot
  4. The is no one official type of dabka, each person knows a different kind, and the type of dabka is decided by the lead.
  5. Join hands with the person nearest to you and start imitating the moves of the person in the lead (usually identified as being the first person wiggling his hand and might be carrying a handkerchief)
  6. There is no need to follow the beat as long as you go with the flow
  7. If you cant keep up get lost, don't just start walking around in circles.
  8. If in any way you can't keep up or feel to tiered and you want to stay within the group, you can stand in the middle of the circle and wave your hand at the leading person (as illustrated in the video above)
  9. If you are watching the dabka and not part of it, you MUST start clapping vigorously, this identifies that you do not know how to 2udbok but you still would like to be part of it.
  10. The rate of the dabka will start to increase with every stomp. You should accelerate along side them and so does your clapping rate
  11. The dabka circle is some kind of sacred circle, under no circumstances can it be broken
  12. The dabka does not end until another non-dabkable song is played, or the whole group has lost the rhythm and there is no chance it'll be revived
WARNING: Dabka is similar to a fast train, there is no stopping it. If by any chance someone comes in front of the dabeekeh or falls in between he will get run over. Keep all children in sight and at least 2 meters away from the dabka motion as it is hazardous to the safety of your child.

NOTE: Constant sweating, lack of breath, heart attacks, headaches, road marks and getting hit by mistake are normal symptoms of dabka. Just ignore and keep moving unless symptom develops into a chronic stage. Then stop udboking and sit your ass down.

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