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Scary Shit

I just had an MRI scan for my right knee the other day, to check for a basketball injury, and shit going into that machine is scary. I never thought i would be claustrophobic, well not totally I didn't freak out or anything, but it was all just mere thoughts of being confined in such a small space. And the worst part was not being able to move for a freakn 30 minutes. Your body goes numb after 10 min for not moving as much. And to add to that there was no room for my left leg so i had to place it on top of a sharp (well it felt sharp... or kinda pointy :p) object and 5 min through the scan the pain was unbelievable, and every time i try and move it the dude start speaking into the mic "don't move"...

Yalla I got the results today and thank God there was nothing wrong with my knee, just a minor injury, now i can continue the tournament that started. I don't know if you noticed by these two posts but basketball is a major factor of my life.

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