Why I Love Twitter

It starts off with an indirect humorously placed tweet

Then that tweet actually gets noticed and replied to

Finally what was meant to be a small nab at things that are thought annoying, actually ends up benefiting the person who made the tweet, all from the comfort of his computer

And the best part is that that small tweet caused the whole Assi family to have a say in it

followed by

and finally

Now tell me how you could dislike such a wonderful and beneficial tool as Twitter?!

3 Player Chess, a Hit or a Miss?

Just found this website that has apparently developed a chess board that allows 3 players to play against each other.

You can notice green lines ("Moats") on the bordering squares between players, apparently these prevent players from killing each other from the back row onwards, though that complicates things a bit. You can find a list of the rules here.

As if chess wasn't a challenging game already; now not only do you have to out think 1 opponent, but you also have to keep up with the second. And obviously your typical chess strategies don't work with this round board either.

What do you think, worth a try? I personally would give it a shot.

Bloggers Block

I haven't wrote a single article in my blog for over a month now, and it's not because I had nothing to blog about, it's just that I didn't feel like blogging anything. I guess this is the time in every new bloggers 'blog-cycle' where you face this crossroad; you either get back on the horse and return to blogging or stop writing and move from blogger to blog reader, though I find that the latter is more likely due to the fact that what little traffic you had prior, would have largely diminished due to this lack of posting.

I've been through this once before, I blogged for a small time interval a couple of years back, faced the same issue, and stopped blogging. However this time round, I don't want to. I will be trying my best to at least have a post on a weekly basis, and not to keep the traffic flowing, but to keep this blog alive. They might not be the most interesting blog posts around, I'm even thinking of starting to review games and whatever gadgets I can get my hands on, just to have something to write about.

Blogging is a medium that allows everyone to be heard and if you are facing the same issue, do tell me and I will make my best to visit your blog on a regular basis and comment, just to keep you in the loop.

Hahah and don't be surprised if this is my post of the week.