Safe Lead to Sorry

Last night I was driving down Share3 il 2ordon (Jordan street) and to tell you the truth, I honestly hate that road. It's filled with radar traps, curves and hills going up and down, killing your momentum. Going down Share3 il 2ordon was sadly the optimal route of me getting to my destination, so I ended up driving down there anyway. I was doing 75km/h on a 90km/h road so that if someone tries to bullshit me, I'm way below the speed limit.

So I was getting far into the street and close to my destination of Shmesani when a police jumps into the middle of the street to stop me while I'm driving on the far left speed lane. Now forget his complete negligence towards his safety or the safety of the cars on the other 2 lanes to my right, I instantly began my deceleration and shifted to the right. So, to his annoyance, I was only able to stop a good 50m away to avoid a complete wreck behind me and then had to reverse back to him. I thought he just wanted to see my license and registration and then let me off. Gave them to him when he asked and then he goes ahead and tells me "Do you know you where driving at 76 km/h?", I was speechless. I conjured up the will to ask him how much the speed limit was and found out it was 60! So apparently, even though I still am on the same road, the speed limit was able to decrease a good 30 km/h at a single instant and these cops were standing right after that point. Now if that was a pedestrian filled area, I'd totally understand, but the sidewalk is actually barred down and there's no way across except through a pedestrian bridge.

There goes my first speeding ticket after 7 years of driving at modest speed of 76km/h on a highway just because of, from what I think is, an extremely stupid method of traping people into paying tickets. So, moral of the story, by the end of the day, even if you try to avoid shit, shit is going to come looking for you.

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