A Familiar Face.

Imagine how nostalgic I felt when I turned on a PC in one of our university labs and saw this: 

How cool (yet sad) is it that the University of Jordan still operates some equipment on Windows 98, I mean I haven't seen a 98 in ages!

Anyone with a Windows 95?

3 Responses to “A Familiar Face.”

  1. # Anonymous Roba Al-Assi

    Yyaaay, memories of your password crack software. And assholes laziness. I love you :)  

  2. # Blogger The Burdened Mary

    Hahaha oh my goodness, I remember saying as a kid, "Ooof why do we need 98? 95 was great! What do I do with this new thing? :( "

    Wow...I just realised...I did what EVERY geek does when a new OS comes out. DANG.  

  3. # Blogger omery15

    Hahaha Roba I can't believe you remember my password cracking software!

    Burdened Mary let the inner geek blossom! hahah  

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