Way of Thinking

I used to think that I should make up my mind and decide on certain beliefs. That these beliefs are cherished and that I should stand by them no matter what. I have recently realized that even if you have these so called "cherished beliefs", you should be willing to hearing what other have to say. We should be open to different ways of thinking and to seek out and be guided by evidence and knowledge that fits withing reality. Even if it opposes these cherished beliefs of ours.

You see the thing is that beliefs should not be cherished but held onto until they can be proven to be incorrect or unfounded. That's when a change of position would be the appropriate response rather than trying your best to contend that change. I have seen plenty of people who refuse to acknowledge changes that happen around them and strictly hold to what they believe to be correct. This kind of reaction only leads these people to arrogance and to become oppressive. Leaping to flawed conclusions because you can not tolerate the ambiguity of not knowing might lead to comfort but it also prompts ignorance and false conclusions.

People should thrive to keep themselves properly informed about certain subjects rather than accept information given to them as is. They must be skeptic and suspend their judgment about certain claims until they think they've tackled the issue from multiple angles and that they are able to make an educated decision. People should be able to fully listen to, understand and, appropriately, accept others philosophies and ideologies. Curiosity helps people widen their perspective and widen their knowledge. I'm not saying that people should not argue with others because as you maybe be inclined to accept their ways of thought they should also be open to changing their perspective towards things.

We should be eager to acquire and apply the best knowledge and reason in all field and to be able and willing to acknowledge and correct flaws in our own thinking to become better equipped to create more profoundly effective solutions to the challenges we face each and everyday.

There is my corny post of the year.

Happy New Year :)

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  1. # Anonymous Roba

    Happy new year :) I think you in particular are very open to new things and new beliefs.  

  2. # Blogger Waleed Khamis

    "People should thrive to keep themselves properly informed about certain subjects rather than accept information" I liked this part. its very true and i apply as much as I can, even in beliefs we were born with, such as religion and traditions  

  3. # Blogger Donna Dallal-Ferne, LMFT

    Not so corny, Omar.... Quite wise in fact. Sounds like a recipe for world peace if you ask me. The human condition tends to like to get stuck in prideful egoic positions, and then we miss the boat of deeper understanding. I hope your ways of thinking catch on far and wide!!  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Well said, Omar. Echoing Donna, quite wise.  

  5. # Blogger omery15

    Thanks Roba, I'm just saying that we all should be

    Waleed glad you liked it

    Donna I guess people do tend to take the easy way out without questioning the choice they made. Though I didn't see this post as a way to spread my way of thinking, It's more that people should change theirs to suite the situation they're in, I just hope this just opens their eyes towards different ways of perceiving things

    Thanks Kinzi  

  6. # Blogger Dino$

    so true.. we grow up thinking that what we are taught or that what we believe in has to be right and sometimes we are so wrong and we have to accept that sometimes what you learn growing up is not always right. We should stop being stubborn about being " right" and focus and on what is actually the truth.

    great post :)  

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