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For as far as I can remember, I've always enjoyed playing tennis. Ever since I was a child, my parents would register me in tennis lessons. It started off as a summer time filler, but then evolved to a year round thing. As time passed by, so did my passion for playing tennis, but whenever I saw 2 people play, be it on TV or real life, I would stop and watch. I just find it very amusing, plus plenty of grand slams are held at times when we have exams, so they're a good excuse from studying.

I have recently got my hands on Top Spin 4; the latest tennis game by 2KSPORTS. I tried Top Spin 3 in the past and didn't like it that much, nor did I enjoy playing Virtua Tennis, its main competitor. Nonetheless, I decided to give this edition of Top Spin a chance and let me tell you this, it far from disappointed.

The game is a total hit! You start of at the academy floor where they allow you to practice shots thrown at you by a tennis machine. You go ahead to the main menu where you find a wide variety of game options for users to play, be it the classical 3 game-3 set match or a King of the Court, they are all very amusing. The Career Mode, though I felt it to be short-lived (around 20 hrs of gameplay), also adds to the game's experience, where you start off with a novice tennis player and make your way to stardom.

Gameplay is terrific, the players' physics are dead-on, the sound effects are magnificent and the graphics look as if you were actually watching a real tennis match. The learning curve is very shallow as you only need to know how to move the player and press any of the 4 buttons to be able to hit the ball back. This allows newbies not quite familiar with the controller to manage to play smoothly in a matter of minutes.

The characters are very responsive as well, they cheer or feel frustrated according to the situation they are placed in, somehow also dragging you into feeling the same way. The sounds that the players make while hitting or missing shots also help in making the game seem much more realistic. And to add to that, there are plenty of on-court assists that help improve your gameplay and greatly enhance your gaming experience.

All in all, this is a fantastic game that is recommended to all tennis enthusiasts and casual fans alike.

3 Responses to “Top Spin 4 Review”

  1. # Anonymous Stephen

    Question. Do you know of any public tennis courts in Amman? Thanks  

  2. # Blogger omery15

    Not completely public, there are a few where you have to pay a small fee to play but it's very trivial.

    You can go to Il Madeeneh Il Riyadieh (Sports City), they have some tennis courts where it cost something around 3-4 Jds per hour. Or you can go to the Royal Jordanian Automobile Club near the 8th circle, they have some decent courts there but you must know a member to go in, and the last one I know off is the Orthodoxi Club near Abdoun circle, they have a few courts, I think members and non-members alike can play though non-members do have to pay a certain amount.

    Let me know if you need anything  

  3. # Anonymous Stephen

    Sports city is not too far from me so sounds good. Thanks a lot tall dude :)  

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