Do not be discouraged... Calculus is harder


As I was flipping through my Calculus book , I came across this following phrase:

".... Thus, if you find our ensuing discussion of 'E-&' proofs challenging, do not become discouraged: the concepts and techniques are intrinsically difficult. In fact, precise understanding of limits evaded the finest mathematical minds for more than 150 years after the basic concepts of calculus were discovered."

It like telling you: don’t be discouraged, calculus has baffled ‘the finest mathematical minds’ we don’t expect you to understand it. It’s not like you having a hard time understanding the previous paragraph is a coincidence, no we don’t expect you to identify with it any way, because lets get real, you aren’t the brightest person in this crowd. Just read through the rest of this book and convince yourself that you understand it.

Discouraged!! for Gods sake understanding the previous statement "encouraged" me that I might actually understand the damn subject. This little note of yours really benefits students, just mess the dude up will you. I mean I'm pretty good in math in general, but when it comes to calculus, I just blank out, especially when they teach it in Arabic. What’s even more "discouraging" is that the book is named Calculus, not math, which means that for the next couple of years I'll face the same obstacles.

I guess I'm just not one of ‘the finest mathematical minds.’

2 Responses to “Do not be discouraged... Calculus is harder”

  1. # Blogger Abu Shreek

    Take it wasy, you can go all the way to grad school and never run into the delta-epsilon thing again. But of course you have a ton of calculus a deifferential coming your way....Soo...soo..get a Ti-89 and learn how to use it  

  2. # Blogger omery15

    Yea i know... all my frineds are taking differential, they tell me that the worse is yet to come. Plus its not just the delta-epsilon thing that pissed me off, but the dont get discouraged part...
    what a Ti-89, cause i gotta get me one of those  

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