Adventures at registration

Today was my first registration in JU on computers. Luckily my brother came along, and he helped me with finding subjects and class numbers. Everything was going well, I found all the subjects that I wanted, except for one which was a long shot. As the clock ticked 9:00 my registration officially started, I started filling out the subject numbers, and then suddenly the computer freezes and a pop up starts flashing telling me that my account has been frozen and that I should check the admissions office.

We call the technician and tell him that I had no debts ion university because it's the first semester and they won't enroll me if I had any. So he tells me to check with registration. I go there and the immediately tell me to go to admissions at 'Insaniah'. Just so you know, Insaniah is at the other end of university and a trip there would take you a minimum of 20 minutes, and that’s when you walk fast. So we walk as fast as we can to the admissions office. We go in and they start shifting us from window to window until the last one tells us that we have to go to the head of admissions. We hurry there and then it takes him 5 freakin minutes to type in my number and then he just opens my profile, clicks on a button and lets me know that I can go register now.

I take a look at the time and its 9:20 and my registration, which is currently on the other side of campus, ends in 10 min. My brother realizes the dilemma and tells me to start running for it, because if I miss out on this time ill have to get rescheduled and the subjects might close by then. I take his advice and I start literally running as fast as I can towards the pc center. Running between people, jumping over stuff anything, just to get there in time, and the whole way I'm thinking that I have a game today I shouldn’t be running. I reach the center at 9:25, go upstairs push the door open, insert my number incorrectly 2 or 3 times because I am in a hurry, go to the registering screen, type everything in and save it just in time. I turn around and I see my brother slamming the door open, his breathing rate is off the charts and he was actually ran after me. He has not run in 2 years and tells me that never again will he run that much again.

What a day, they blocked me for no reason, just did it. And I almost missed out on my classes because of that. Thank god it worked…

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  1. # Blogger Roba

    LOL, that cracked me up. 3adiii you're still going to have to go throuhg A LOT MORE shit  

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