Meteor shower

On Wednesday night, I read on Yahoo that their was a meteor shower later that night, you can spot up to I think 60 shooting stars per hour. So I read that and was disappointed, "ah here goes another phenomenon that I missed". Later on I read that their will also be another one on Thursday night, but still say that it would probably only be visible in the States.

However, you should see the look at my face when my young bother says that he just saw a falling star at about midnight. I instantly stare up at the sky, hoping to spot one and there it was another shooting star. I go home make most of my family standing outside and we all start staring up at the sky.

The funny thing was, that everyone who passed by thought that we are this crazy bunch of people and kept asking us what we were looking at and then they start watching the sky as well to spot one or two… After almost 30 min of looking upwards and breaking your neck; I've seen about 8, including one large one, and guess what it was worth it.

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  1. # Anonymous Qwaider قويدر

    I swear I saw a couple that night, and they looked spectacular, too random and too far between to be able to capture a decent picture. But one of the Meteors almost hit a building in Khelda where I was gazing.
    By the way, the correct term is Meteor Shower (astroid is an object that has not entered the atmosphere yet) once it's in and makes that light streak it's a Meteor, if it hits the ground it's a Meteotoid
    (pardon the fazlakeh)  

  2. # Blogger omery15

    Actually I realized that after I wrote the post and it should have been corrected it... but apparently it didn't work.

    Thanks for the heads up  

  3. # Blogger Roba

    Wow, your family must be so amazing to have agreed to do that. I'm so jealous.  

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