Saudi Arabia on Jordan's tracks

I don’t know if this is true or not, but I just heard that Saudi Arabia is going to follow Jordan's footsteps and change their weekends to Fridays and Saturdays instead of Thursdays and Fridays at the start of 2007… Now that wasn't a reliable source but it would be great. For one, the nice TV programs that are scheduled on Saudi Arabian weekends will switch to ones that are the same as ours. Another thing is when you travel between countries you wont have that complicated weekend feeling.

And oh yea, that bank thingy where they can make worldwide money transactions 4 days a week instead of the 3 they currently have.

Cant think of any thing else....

4 Responses to “Saudi Arabia on Jordan's tracks”

  1. # Anonymous Gus

    Damn.. r u serious.. Why do that.. seriously, whats the point in doing it.. i really think its non-sence!! i hope they dont follow anything else jordan does  

  2. # Anonymous Hani

    I live in Riyadh, didn’t hear of this news… I mean I don’t think they are keeping it as a surprise for the people, or do they?!  

  3. # Blogger omery15

    Gus, its not nonsense, cause it helps in bank transactions, and they should follow Jordan's foot steps cause it is really progressing economically

    Hani, like I said I'm not positive, but the dude who told this to me lives in Riyadh. Is their a chance you missed out on this one?  

  4. # Blogger Ameer

    well they still studying that and waiting for the approval frm the shura consul. but it will be only for the banks :)  

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