2006 tag

Tagged by Roba to list the things "you did for the first time in 2006″

Long list but here are a few that would remain in my mind:

  • Graduate from school, and received a high school diploma
  • Joined the Orthodoxi club basketball team.
  • Go to Egypt, more specifically Sharm Il Sheik
  • Go to Lebanon
  • Get arrested; for driving without a license
  • Get a license
  • Enroll in University
  • Start my blog
  • Sang karaoke
Tagging anyone who comments on this post

6 Responses to “2006 tag”

  1. # Anonymous hisham

    yaaaaay, im commenting, that means i got tagged.

    this year i
    1 got tagged for the first time :)
    2 touched the sands of Africa after visiting sharm.
    3 designed my first building
    4 wrote a journal
    5 ate sushi
    6 drove a motorbike  

  2. # Blogger Abu Shreek


  3. # Blogger acidFOG

    what's a tag??  

  4. # Blogger omery15

    If your tagged by anyone, you have to answer that tag, and follow the rules. see in this one they ask you what where the things that you did for the first time in 2006.

    Now i tagged whom ever comments on this comment, so guess what, you are tageed and got to answer.  

  5. # Blogger acidFOG

    1) have a serious car accident
    2) Drank JW Blue label (That was good)
    3) drove in Lebanon
    4) had my second and third stripe
    5) slept in class
    6) went naked to school (oh w8 that was a dream!!!) :P

    i dont remember, i'm so sleepy.

    Btw u told me how to be tagged, but u didnt tell me what a tag is!!

    Stay Safe  

  6. # Blogger omery15

    This is basiclly like 'tag your it'... you just make a question and tag fellow bloggers to answer it, and then they tag others... but the have to write the tag on their own blog so they could tag others and so that people could view it...

    So your the dude that went naked to school :P  

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