Thoughts about Toy Story 3

As a child I loved Toy Story. The whole idea behind it is just brilliant, toys coming to life is a child's dream come true. I had woody and buzz toys that I couldn't put down, watched the film numerous times and was even able to tell you the voices behind some of the characters. But you see, sooner or later you grow up, give the toys away, move on and Toy Story becomes just another thing from your childhood.

Yesterday, after several attempts, I finally get to watch Toy Story 3 and let me say this, it was definitely not what I expected. The directing was great, the story itself was awesome, voice acting was superb and the graphics were the same terrific ones they used 10 years ago. They inserted some pretty fine jokes that adults can relate to and they were flat out hilarious. I actually found it to be directed towards adults and not children, because lets get real, how many kids do you know now actually own toys and have some imagination and creativity, rather than just own a game console and follow what other people do?

Don't really feel like going on a detailed review about the movie, just wanted to let you know that it's definitely a movie worth watching if you're even the slightest Toy Story 1 or 2 fan!

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