My kind of obsession

Alright, it's obvious from my previous post that I'm more or less a game-oholic of some sort, but for the past 2 days, I've been doing nothing but watching the extended edition of Lord of the Rings, all 3 of them. Now the normal versions I have literally seen them over 30 times, at some point I had them memorized line by line.

So my brother and I spent yesterday and today doing nothing but watch Lord of the Rings and because we had a friend with us who has never seen them, we had to pause every 20 minutes and explain what was going on. That kind of made each movie of the 3 movies take a little over 4 hours of watching. You might call it a bit extreme but it was definitely worth it.

I expected to just watch normal scenes that if it were up to me I would also delete them. But no, I viewed each scene thinking why the hell did they exclude that! To my surprise watching the extended and deleted scenes actually added new facts about the movie that I never knew before. For example, who knew Aragorn was 84 years old!

So an advise from me to every Lord of the Rings enthusiast is that if you can get your hands on the extended edition, it's a must see.

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  1. # Blogger The Burdened Mary

    I felt EXACTLY the same when I watched the extended versions!! I loved those deleted scenes and I was so glad they integrated them into a version for geeks like us to watch :)  

  2. # Blogger omery15

    hahah that comment was Ace!
    I actually tried reading the book but it was very boring for me to complete (still want to give it another shot this week though) so the extended scenes actually added loads of information that I really didn't know. Yea I felt the extended scene was kinda directed towards people like us hahah others just don't get why I'd spend an extra hour on an already 3 hour long movie.  

  3. # Blogger The Burdened Mary

    The books are hard to read, but they get much better as they go along, especially with the Return of the King. A lot of people think that the beginning chapters of the Fellowship of the Ring are the most tedious and annoying! If you give it a try, and get through the inital "phases" the books become totally awesome. ;)  

  4. # Blogger omery15

    Alright you just gave me a bigger boost to actually try and get through the book. :) Last time I literally got lost in the forest in the first book. Might just skip that part and start from a bit after.  

  5. # Blogger The Burdened Mary

    Well best of luck with it ;D I hope you enjoy it. Most people (like me) find that it is totally worth it!  

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