Hal 3eyoun

You know what… I just realized that i like Kaliji (gulf) music... A song just played on TV and I was singing with it (Ok more like hum), I was like.... when did I start liking that song

So I'm adding kaliji music to my list of music genre that I like...
Ok to think about it, I have a weird list, Metal, Rap, R&B, Rock, Alternative, Heavy metal and Kaliji...

Nice mix huh

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    duuuuude! im the same! i love so many different music genres its unbelievable. one second im listening to Fur elise (beethoven) and the next second im listening to lake bodom (children of bodom)....music rocks dude!!!!  

  2. # Blogger acidFOG

    Rock, metal and Especially Alternative, ARE THE ART!! All others are just... NOTHING!! (Except for classics like Beethoven and stuff!) w ba3den keef rock w rap? That I can never understand dude!! Rock is Art while rap it's just.. BS!! :);) Take a look at this pic!  

  3. # Blogger acidFOG

    Oh w8 and TRANCE, Trance is GOOD!  

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