Mankind's Crushing

OK, there is no asteroid in collision coarse with earth or anything, that's another story. I recently noticed that mankind, particularly men, have this urge to simply crush thingsā€¦ It's like when you're driving in your car and you see a Pepsi can on the street; you deliberately ride over it, just because you want to feel the pleasure of crushing it, and you even look at the rear view mirror to see if your attempt was a success .Or when you are walking and see a smoke packet on the floor, you step on it.

When people build a LEGO set, in the end they crush it to the floor, not disassemble it piece by piece, but literally break it down. Kids always have a habit of following ants and stepping on them or crushing them with there fingers. Yeah how do you think they got the phrase 'wont hurt a fly' its because people pick on smaller things and those who don't, made a statement created for them. Exactly the same reason bullies bully on smaller targets... because they can.

This is why wrestling became so popular, because violence runs in our blood. Men love seeing people get their ass kicked, that's even why men stand around people fighting and start cheering.

It's not only men even women sometimesā€¦ but I can't think of ways when women do appreciate violence, other than when my sister goes crazy and hitting start running after me.

You tell me...

5 Responses to “Mankind's Crushing”

  1. # Blogger acidFOG

    ur sister hits u? plz tell me that she's a boxer!!! atleast that gives u the reason to let her!! LOL  

  2. # Blogger omery15

    It's more like run after me :D... heres what happens, she get hyper, i annoy her, she jumps of the PC chair and starts following me... we keep running till she gets tired (usually after 2 min), and she sits down.. 2 minutes later, same routine :D

    I've suggested decaf but no one listens :p  

  3. # Blogger Roba

    This comment has been removed by the author.  

  4. # Blogger Roba

    WOW! Your sister must be AWESOME to beat a person who claims he is so tall. I want to meet her!  

  5. # Blogger acidFOG

    dude!! U edited the post... SOOOOO NOT PROFFESIONAL!! but... it is better if u want people to respect u!! hahaha  

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