Weather drama

Photo by Al ghad newspaper

I noticed recently that weather really affects the activity of people living in Jordan. For example, when it starts to rain slightly, everyone starts to rumor about it, oh it’s going to rain heavily soon, or why did the winter have to start this week. Its like they have no clue if this is going to stay as a few drops of rain or pour down they just assume. And that’s not wrong, ya3ni every one assumes that as long as it started to rain it’s going to keep raining. But what irritates me that most is when it does start to rain heavily, the whole country goes in slow motion, they start going 15 minutes earlier because they don’t want to speed and because they know there is going to be heavy traffic. And the problem is that you can’t speed in Jordan as the roads don’t allow to speed and traffic builds up because everyone thinks the same thing and starts to move slower than usual. Being cautious is one thing but freaking out from some raindrops is another, the car wont slide of except if you take one hell if a turn.

However when it starts to snow, that’s another story. The whole country is put on hold. The snow doesn’t even reach an inch and people stop going outside and stay in their houses, school and work are off, everything shuts down. Outside sometimes it snows all day and that doesn’t even delay classes, they get accustomed to it. Here they make a huge fuss, start playing videos of people playing with the snow and play ‘talj talj 3am bitshati il dina talj’ (snow snow the world is raining snow) for god knows who. I do get joyful when it snows but after an hour or two, its just gets annoying.

That’s just how I feel…. How about you

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  1. # Blogger MommaBean

    Well, me, I'm from the American South. We got so little snow when I was younger that they would cancel school and work due to the "threat of inclement weather". That's right, it MIGHT snow, so we'll put the world on hold. AT least here they wait until it actually does :).  

  2. # Blogger omery15

    Thats hilarious :D, no around here they wait until it holds on the floor and then decide.. sometimes they would just delay schools and others till noon, as by then it might have melted.

    Its nice to get a vication every now and then huh :P  

  3. # Blogger Nizar

    Well, I haven't seen how Jordan is in winter :(
    Because I always visit Jordan during the summer holidays..
    But here in Sweden it hasn't snowed yet, I'm very happy about it, because I just like you enjoy only the first hours of snow, but then I start finding it annoying :s  

  4. # Blogger omery15

    It doesn't snow often in Jordan. It does snow yearly but it hasn't held on the ground since 4 years. So technically, it's only tricking people to make in a few hours...
    I'm surprised it still hasn’t snowed in Sweden, isn't it much colder than Jordan?  

  5. # Blogger Nizar

    it is colder than Jordan.. it usually snows at this time of the year :P

    Check out This link.. I live in a city called Kristianstad, its over Malmö on the map..  

  6. # Blogger Moey

    well, this is Jordan.. take it or leave it.  

  7. # Blogger omery15

    Damn Nizar it must be freezin there, you would b like my cousin, he came from the stats and started to wear thin sweater and kept saying its extremely hot :D... atleast you got rain, it hasn't rained except for a few time this winter, if this keeps up, prices of stuff are going shoot up the roof

    I've been here for five years, so I have obviously taken it from my part  

  8. # Anonymous Anonymous

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  9. # Blogger acidFOG

    dude, u forgot to mention that, when they say that it's going to snow, that people buy "mooneh" like that is no tomorrow, everyone buys 10 kilos of bread, rice, vegetaables and fruits!!! COME ON!!! it's only snow, it's not like we're in alaska, where the snow will never melt!!! w8... even in alaska the snow melts!!!  

  10. # Blogger omery15

    hahahaha.... thats true, should've  

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