Higher Learning my ***

I was just studying past papers for my physics exam and I came across a question that goes as follows:
"...calculate the circumference of the triangle shown in the picture below..."

I was like.... what!!!

Now I, as well as any 4th grader now that a circumference in specifically for circles and parameter is for other objects... Now why would a professor in university not know that and to add to that he laced that in a exam for students to answer, a student might just as well draw a circle and calculate the circumference of that circle (trust me that's not what the wanted to do because i have the answer sheet).
So a student who is not well informed in english could easy take this for granted and start applying it in his day to day career.

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  1. # Blogger acidFOG

    Jordan University ROCKS!! *Evil*  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    perimeter , circumference it is all (mo7eet: ocean) in arabic. Masheeha ya zalameh.
    If you start being that "specific" about such "minor" details you will end up with a heart attack before you graduate  

  3. # Blogger omery15

    Acidfog, It does... where do you study at

    Anonymous, i know your probably serious, but the 'mo7eet: ocean' resemblance is hilarious... a heart attack before the end of this semister :P... no bas come on, i know its the same in arabic but just teach it to them correctly once and then they know the difference....  

  4. # Blogger acidFOG

    I study at Mid-East Aviation Academy in Marka!  

  5. # Blogger omery15

    Yea i know that academy , there's like this dowar that has a plane on it near by :P... i know one dude thats goin there... Ahmed Abdo, you know him?

    good luck dude.. we'll be flying with you soon :P  

  6. # Blogger acidFOG

    Actually u'r correct, and there are 3 academies in marka, so u would have to be more specific!! ;) and i expect for ur answer to be: "Oh i dont know" or smthn like that!!!; ) take care  

  7. # Blogger Nizar

    LOOL, I'm happy that our tests are made and corrected by other teachers in the UK :D

    yeah, and bout my boxing, i used to play for my city Kristianstad, but now i stoped going to matches cuz i got braces :P, so i'm more training now.
    and for skateboarding, its winter now and the roads are slippery , so if you wana play it at this time of the year, you would have to go to indoor skatebording ramps.  

  8. # Blogger omery15

    Acidfog,See now i thought their is only one academy, and every dude who wants to become a pilot can only sign up there

    Nizar, man that's how it was back in highschool, but apparently university is more advanced :D ... shit man i hated my braces, a waste of two years of not eating anything you want (basicaly gum, or sometimes) and then when i took them off, it was the same.. :P ok not to that extent but more or less  

  9. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Ironic how you don't even know the word either you fucking retard.

    It's perimeter not parameter you complete joke of a boy.  

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