Paint Prevails over Photoshop

Thanks to Acid fog's photoshopped images
'', I have been 'inspired' to post my first and only photoshopped image, the only one I have ever done... This was done almost a year ago and took me ages... It's just joining two layers together... Not hard huh? guess again

petra 014'

I'm proud of it :p

3 Responses to “Paint Prevails over Photoshop”

  1. # Blogger acidFOG

    dude!! i dont know what to say... :'( LOL!!! hehe but that's a photograph!! :S :S :S  

  2. # Blogger Nizar

    WOW, thats really nice
    keep it up dude :D  

  3. # Blogger omery15

    Acid fog, man i know its a pic, bas it took me ages

    Nizar, this would be the last time.. its too difficult  

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