Sports you grow into.

I've always loved the game of tennis, it's such a fabulous sport. You can call it the game of the elites or it might as well be the game where you give a bunch of kids a couple of rackets and let them smash away at spongy yellow balls. No matter what, I really find it difficult that anyone can hate this game.

My whole family has somewhat been involved in tennis. As young kids, my parents enrolled us into summer tennis camps, well not camps per say but more like intense daily tennis lessons. I remember being so young when I first started that I owned one of those juniors' tennis rackets and it still felt enormous. Not until I grew up a bit and bought the normal sized one, did I realize that I was holding on to an undersized racket. The first summer passed by and we all fell in love, going back to Saudi, we planned on taking more tennis lessons. We kept at the habit of taking courses for around the next 5 years, that's until it kinda phased out and died. My mom and sister continued taking lessons for the next year or two, but sooner or later they were bound to give it up as well.

10 years later I find myself and avid tennis fan. Whenever I find a tennis match that's worth watching on TV, I just sit down and get consumed by it for countless hours. My favorite habit was watching the Wimbledon's tennis championship as not only is it the thing to watch, but it also ran through an exam plagued period, so back then I'd rather slack of and watch the games instead of hitting the books, can't say I've changed much.

Recently, a friend of mine asked me if I would like to play tennis one day. 30 minutes later I find myself in shorts in the middle of the tennis court holding my 13 year old racket. Needless to say, I sucked more than anyone on the court that day. 5 years of training have apparently worn out and the correct postures and moves have been replaced by 'noobish' hits and slams that have nothing to do with the game itself.

Today was my third attempt at playing tennis again and I'm glad that it feels like I'm remembering some of the basics bit by bit. The thing is even though I truly love my age old companion of a racket, but time has taken its toll on it. The strings are all lose, the grip is anything but and you can see the dints and scars of a little kid's attempt at hitting a ball of the ground. Dare I say I may need a new one.

Baby steps they say. But I ask you, how can someone so tall take steps so small, when it feels like as if yesterday he was running with all his might.

What sport/habit have you regret stopping and would like to go back to?

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  1. # Anonymous Rula

    I am glad you realy enjoy the game  

  2. # Blogger Haitham Seelawi

    Tennis is one heck of a game, cardio wise! So I think you should keep training regularly! And it won't be long before you start enjoying your new bodily experience ;)

    I used to be a good soccer player, but I quit! I still walk around 40 kms per week, but I do not feel this is adequate! I would like to learn jujitsu or judo as well!  

  3. # Anonymous Roba

    Tayeb play squash with Musa :P  

  4. # Anonymous Chris

    Yeah, I also enjoy the game, it is fabulous. I live about 200 hundred yards away from the local high school, they got about a dozen courts there, so I've been able to keep my Andre Al-Aggasi like two-handed backhand all nice and tidy. Even though I live in Ohio, I just might be able to rip a fiery passing shot past you from here... so, bring it on, baby! :P Now, as for this sister of yours, I just can't quite seem to place her on the tennis court... I don't know, though, maybe she's a real Steffi Graf. But I do have that sneaky feelings that she put a ":)" on her tennis balls... :D I played soccer/football all throughout high school, but I haven't played for years, so I guess that would be it for me. Oh, btw - best of luck with your newly resurrected blog!  

  5. # Blogger omery15

    Haitham dude, 40 kms per week is crazy! I probably don't walk that much in a whole year. The coolest thing about soccer is that the only thing you need is a ball. It can be played any time and on any terrain. so it's definitely something to keep up with. As for martial arts, I always joined classes and centers but never really had the stomach for it, you should give it a shot.

    Roba, musa only called me once, realized I'm not upto his standards and never called me again

    Chris, I always hated throwing a two-handed bachhand, kinda makes me feel like a beginner, so I kinda got used to the one handed hit. The nearest court around is like a 15 min drive, and that's saying something in amman, so it cant be a daily thing. But still, aint no way on earth you could beat me ;)

    and as for Roba, hahah she always hated it, she was sorta pushed into it by my mom so they can play together in saudi. If you ask me, she hates it now more than ever, so I doubt you'll be able to see her on a tennis court  

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