Raining upwards

Out of now where, it started pouring rain... Now don't get me wrong, I love the rain… but that was too sudden. Now I go out of practice and it's still raining, even harder than before...

I just figured out that I love driving in the rain, it's amazing how you walk around and puddles of water shoots up in the air onto other cars and the streams of water that come rushing down towards you...

Ok I don't know if you noticed this or not but this is the first time I drive in such heavy rain, so I really enjoyed it...

Finally it started to rain in Jordan, it's been almost a years since it last rained heavily. It did rain before through out this year but it wasn't heavy... I think this country depends largely on rain, we don't have water to start with, and they rely on water rain to fill up their containers.

Let's hope it keeps on raining, for one I'll keep having fun driving and it better economically

Oh yeah, if any one feels like having fun while driving :P, here are some safety tips for driving in the rain:

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