Back to the Beginning.

After a long 3 year break, I have decide to go back to blogging. So much changes in 3 years and the web isn't slightly as friendly as it was back then. Blogs aren't what they once were, I don't really quite know what happened to the blogs I followed or was linked by, nor do I know of what happened to the friends I made while blogging, none the less I'm prepared to give it a second chance.

I first started blogging back in 2006 largely influenced by my older sister, Roba Assi, who I recently found out is huge online "celebrity" or at least in the Jordanian online community. She is the reason I started this blog in the first place and partially the reason I stopped blogging all together (even though she doesn't know that). You see back then she posted new posts on a daily bases, if not twice a day. I tried my best to match her performance but was out-done by the mere number of her posts and their quality. Being the competitor I am, I use to see everything as a competition, rather than an opportunity. Later on I realized I was no match for her, so I ended giving up and decided to shutdown.

3 years later I come back with a fresh view towards blogging, partially influenced by Lina's 1:9:90 comment when she went up to speak in Amman Tech Tuesday. I lot can change in a person in a single year, yet alone 3. A hope my new outlook towards life and blogging itself would provide a slight maturity in my posts when compared to my old ones, who were a bit immature and out of place.

As for matching the performance of my sister's website, I have realized that doing that should not have been my target all along. Instead of living in the shadow of her success, I would rather travel along side her. I don't plan on becoming a world renown blogger, nor do I plan on posting on a daily basis and feed my blog. Rather my posts will be, as they always should have been, whenever I feel I need to express my thoughts be it on a daily basis or less, on a serious issue or something so stupid and immature that only I think it's worth posting.

Let's hope I last at least a month more than I did last time.

4 Responses to “Back to the Beginning.”

  1. # Anonymous YJawhar

    Good luck, hommio!  

  2. # Anonymous Roba

    You will never kick my ass. I even kick your ass playing Super Mario. Okay?  

  3. # Blogger Lina

    I saw just this =) wow I am so flattered that I somehow partially had something to do with you going back to blogging. Now this should influence me to go back to blogging myself :)

    PS. I agree with you on Inception.  

  4. # Blogger omery15

    Yea lina, you really should go back to blogging.. after all, you do want to be part of that ratio right?  

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