The Ultimate Combination

What a day... what a day... Adrenaline has been rushing through my body for the past 12 hours...

Orthodoxi won over Fastlink, who are by the way last years champions, and it was a great game, they got the lead in the final minute...

Colts won over the Patriots to make it to the Superbowl for the first time with Peyton Manning... who ever said that Manning wouldn't make it to the Superbowl and as the commentator put it 'you have witnessed one of the greatest comebacks in NFL history'...

And finally Phoenix won its 13 straight game!!!

I love sports.....

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous  

  2. # Blogger omery15

    Damn, i just read the article... im starting to like this guy... but i dont think Nash has become a dirty player.... lets hope they go all the way  

  3. # Anonymous Hareega

    I watched the Phoenix-Seattle game 2 weeks ago in Phoenix, the tickets was for 60 bucks, i got it bil soog el sooda for 25 each, the seats were on top but it's awesome watching the game in front of you. Nash is the best. I hope they'll kick the Maverick's ass this year  

  4. # Anonymous Nizar

    hi Omery,
    I wish i had the time to watch these games ;(

    I am stuck doing my exams and submitting labreports, extended essays, investigatins, analyzes and book/film reviews..

    i haven't been able to post any comments in your last posts, neither made any posts in my blog :(

    i totally agree with you about 'It's funny how you don't realize the value of something until you have lost it.'
    and i also find some khaliji music interisting :D

    Nice to hear the NBA news :P  

  5. # Blogger acidfog

    ok i dont watch nba, but come on man, post smthn already!! it's been ages  

  6. # Anonymous Nizar

    yeah man, we missed your blog  

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