Pulling my Leg

One thing I really hate is getting ripped off. Be it a dollar or a $100, getting ripped off is getting ripped off, no matter by how much. Prices in Amman just keeping getting higher and higher every year and to top that off, people just want to abuse others, this whole idea of taking advantage of people just really gets to me. I get that some people want to make profit, and that’s fine, but to actually sky rocket prices or even just plain old exploiting people is something I don’t understand. I even hate more the places that take advantage of the little things that seem insignificant, but take their toll after some time, more than the obvious big rip offs, because everyone is fine with these. So I decided to sort of boycott those places that try and take advantage of people, or well at least not allow them to.

To me one of the biggest rip offs you find are valet parking. They just put poles on the public street in front of the restaurant and make you pay to park there. So not only are you visiting the restaurant and spending money, but you’re also having to pay to visit the restaurant. I can understand valet if all the spots in front of the restaurant are taken and the person would take your car find somewhere to park it and then get it back to you, but to just take your keys and park it at the exact spot you’re standing is just too much for me to handle. Some places that I find annoying with valet parking are: Java U - Abdoun (they have a huge parking lot and they make you pay to park there), almost all places on Mecca street (they usually have an underground parking space but take your car at the front door and they go park it themselves), La Calle – Jabal Amman (they just put the poles all over the main street and not allow you to park there) and most hotels in Amman. These are just a few, I’m pretty sure the list is never ending but these are the ones I could think of.

Another thing that I dislike is elevated prices of things when you have no other option. I guess they are that high because after all, you don’t have any other option. For example, when you go to a restaurant and you order a Pespi, they charge you 2 or 3 JDs for it. Now I know it’s a restaurant and they want to make profit, but that’s more than a 600% profit for every can. So basically you are taking advantage of me because I have no other option. Same goes for movie theater drinks and pop corn. And the worst part of it is that people are fine with it and go like “oh well what can we do” when they really can do something.

Places that offer electronics and other items for 5 times the price just because it’s not available in Amman. Just because that certain item has no retailer in Amman or still is not available here, they charge you 4 or 5 times the price. I realize taxes exist and places want to make a little extra cash but sometimes it’s just silly. A $170 Xbox Arcade would be sold in Amman for a little less than $400. Books that can be found for $10 are sold for $30, such things I just can’t get over.

Finally, almost all Cafés in Jordan during Ramadan. What these cafés do is just splat a couple of what they call “Ramadan items” on the menu; basically Argeeleh, some Ramadany drinks (such as Kharoob and Tamer Hindi), Toromos and whatever else they have on there. Then they call it a “Sahra Ramadanieh” (Ramadan Evening) and make you pay ridiculous amounts of money as cover charge to just enter and pay even more if you want to order. Such places have butchered the idea of Ramadan and have taken the fun out of most evenings. Places I recommend going to during Ramadan that don’t have cover charge and absurd prices are: Coffee shops in downtown Il-Balad (Such as Liwana and Jafra), Books@Café, Wild Jordan and Turtle Green – Jabal Amman, whereas Old View – Jabal Amman has a minimum of 3 JDs, which is decent or even better, staying home, inviting your friends over and make some Argeeleh and a nice cup of tea.

These are all the things that I can think of for now, let me know if you have anything else to add to the list.

5 Responses to “Pulling my Leg”

  1. # Anonymous YJawhar

    "inviting your friends over and make some Argeeleh and a nice cup of tea." Tea, yaklhooy? After Listing La Calle?! ;) Ay yalla 3ad, 3alena? :P  

  2. # Blogger omery15

    hahah that's what you got from the whole post?  

  3. # Blogger The Burdened Mary

    In Saudi, they do this thing in supermarkets where the prices are more than double during Ramadan than they are in other months. They know people will buy a lot o food to make their grandiose iftaars so they make crazy profits. Isn't that against the whole idea of Ramadan?!  

  4. # Blogger omery15

    seriously!? isn't that kind of illegal? plus I'm totally against this huge iftar meal that feeds 10 families.  

  5. # Blogger The Burdened Mary

    You know, you'd think it would be illegal, but no one has control over the prices except the stores (I think). I love food, but I am also against this big iftaar thing! Most people also hate leftovers so they don't even eat the rest of the food the next day. SUCH a waste.  

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