Habit of matching look-alikes

Usually when people meet or see someone who resembles a person they know, they instantly create a link and label them, privately or in public, as someone who looks like such and such. This, personally I think, is the reason people tend to feel comfortable towards certain people and not others, because they somehow remind them of someone who they know and like or vice versa.

Well for me, it's a whole different story. I usually compare people to animals and not in a degrading way. It's just that when I see a person I'd be like "oh he looks like a Polar Bear, or she looks like a fish". You see I don't try to make fun of them, I just feel that people might and do somehow resemble certain types of animals, be it the eyes, the nose, the hair or even the mustache.

I don't know how people would feel if I walked up to them and told them they look like a kangaroo, but it's actually a really cool way of seeing how different people are. Try it and let me know what you think.

3 Responses to “Habit of matching look-alikes”

  1. # Anonymous Yousif Jawhar

    What do I resemble!? :O  

  2. # Blogger omery15

    Well dude you look somewhat like a Koala  

  3. # Anonymous Chris

    You look like a lemur... I saw Inception tonight, it was awesome! As for the ending, I'm not quite sure if Leo was stuck in limbo, just back for a visit, or if the whole thing was a "dream." I love movies like that, I guess I need to see it again, or just read some online theories about it... but it doesn't really matter, though, it's sort of like Lost: just enjoy the ride! btw, come to think of it, you really do look like a lemur! (I don't know... :P)  

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